​Holyoke Public Schools

57 Suffolk Street
Holyoke, MA 01040


About Holyoke Public Schools:

  • We are a school district on the rise, with close to 5,500 students served by 11 schools,including two high schools, and one Pre-K-2 school; 8 of our schools contain Pre-K classrooms.
  • Innovative school programs, community initiatives and university partnerships are expanding choices for students to develop a wide range of skills and explore college and career options.
  • 70% of HPS students are Puerto Rican and close to half of the city’s residents are Puerto Rican.
  • A growing dual-language program (English/Spanish) is in high demand. We are also on track to provide free and high quality Pre-K for all 4 year olds in Holyoke by 2020.